So I did a thing….

Hey y’all!

It’s been a while, but it’s only because I’ve been sooooo busy with mom life and mom boss life!

I did want to share with you guys though my new adventures! And hopefully I can update you on a few other things too a little bit later.


I started up my own teether company! Exciting, right????

I hand make teether jewelry & teether toys! My creations are made from silicone beads and wood that are bpa free, non-toxic, and eco friendly and come in a variety of unique colors!

They are Lead free PVC free Mercury free Phthalate free FDA Approved, food-grade silicone Tasteless / Odourless!

These are:

• Great for mama’s with teething babies!

• Helpful for friends and family that are around baby often

• Unique gifts for baby showers!

• Ready made & Fast shipping!!!

• Free shipping on orders over $35+

(**does not include custom orders)


❤️ Check out my site at 👇🏻

Want a preview?? Check out some of the ones I’ve made so far!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll share more on it later! Plus more on what life has been like with an almost 10 month old!!! I need to start blogging again! 😂

But you can always follow me where I have more of an online presence on my Facebook or instagram!

xx Mama with Grace xx

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