Your Body is Magic: Happy Mother’s Day.

I don’t know if it was truly Mark Twain that said it, but that is what google tells me. He said to “write what you know,” and ever since first hearing this piece of advice somewhere, I’ve stuck to it and have written on topics that I know.

And what I know has really been a culmination of events throughout real life. I love to quietly observe and study all that I come into contact with such as all the people that I come across or the conversations I happen to have or even the daily experiences I have myself in my own personal life.

Lately, what I know is motherhood. My topic of expertise really. Ok, no not really. There is still SO MUCH to learn about motherhood, but I do know one thing.

All you mothers out there. Your body is magic.

Yes. You heard me. Your body is magic because YOU created something out of nothing. Well really God created something out nothing, but you were His vessel of carrying that child in your womb and bringing it to life.

And can anyone disagree that that is absolute magic? The miracle of life is just that, a miracle, so therefore it must be something magical and extraordinary.

If you’ve been reading along in my journey, you probably read about how I have opened up my website to the public on a larger level – getting my own domain, advertising more, opening up my shop, etc. I have also opened up my social media profiles to be more public and have met thousands of women (mostly mothers) by doing this. And I can say that most all of them are good people. And if I hadn’t done this, I would have never met them otherwise. So I’m very glad I did.

But anyway, I have been growing my following by getting to know these people, these other mothers. I’ve been talking to them. Hearing their stories. Sharing their struggles. Joining them in on their own personal walks through motherhood. It has been quite the learning experience.

Just last week I brought up the conversation of different births. If you’ve read my birth story (if not you can read it here) you would know that I had an all natural, pain medication free, water birth with my daughter, who is now six months. I am a very strong advocate for natural birth because there are multiple benefits for mama and baby.

  • Labor is often shorter because pain interventions like epidurals can actually slow down labor because it interferes with the body’s natural way of laboring and it can also make it harder for a woman to know when to push as she cannot feel her body’s urge to push, which can cause issues with the natural rhythm of the body.
  • Epidurals usually cause further medical interventions due to the fact that they slow down labor and there is now a need for further safety measures for the baby so fetal monitoring is often necessary. More interventions usually mean a higher chance of getting a c-section.
  • Babies born naturally are usually born more alert, which allows for higher success rates for breastfeeding the newborn within the first few hours of life. Babies born “drugged” by pain medication often have a more difficult time latching and/or have a lack of interest in feeding because of their decreased innate desire of suckling.
  • Pitocin (a synthetic form of oxytocin, which is used to induce contractions/labor) can bring on stronger than normal contractions with very little in between time for the woman to recover, which can cause less oxygen for the fetus, which can sometimes be dangerous.
  • Women who deliver naturally have faster recovery time than those that do not and this is because there is a natural release of endorphins after she delivers her baby, which can produce a sense of calm in the body and even decrease the feeling of pain. Those that were given pain medication do not get this natural release of endorphins.
  • A natural birth allows you to feel more connected to the experience and not so “out of it” or “out of control” of your body, which is always a good feeling when you are first meeting your baby.

Just a few reasons of why I am all for natural births and not to mention, they are super empowering, which is another reason why your body is magical!

When I asked the question of what type of birth the mama’s following my page had, I was extremely surprised by the answers. SOOOO many of them had natural births ranging from water births to at home births to pain medication-free births in the hospital.


Hearing all of their stories truly inspired me and made me realize how incredibly powerful women are and how incredibly strong mothers are. And regardless of the type of birth you had, whether it was natural or not, or vaginal or even a csection, you are still magical and you are still such a strong mama.

So I want to celebrate that. I want to celebrate all types of mothers actually because being a mother is such an amazing role that should be celebrated daily.

Our magical bodies grew these tiny little humans for 9 whole months and then our strength birthed them out of our bodies. Then we go on to recover after that life-changing experience and are thrown into a whole new world of motherhood where this new little human is completely dependent upon us and frankly, we don’t know what we are doing at first. But we keep going. We push past all the feelings of uncertainty because love is a much more powerful feeling and we take care of and love this little human being with all that we’ve got. And they grow and grow and grow. And we watch them experience life and open up their little minds and mold into their own personalities and it was the most rewarding job ever.

But let’s not forget the times in between. The thankless moments that go unnoticed most of the time. The 3am feedings. The hundreds upon hundreds of diaper changes. Preparing meals. Packing lunches. Staying up way past your bedtime to finish projects. Waking up early in the morning to get the day going. The runny noses. The inconsolable tears from teething. The multiple calls for “mama.” The bedtime stories told over and over again. The good nights and the good mornings. The “watch me do this” and the “don’t do that’s.” The “I love you’s” and the loads of cuddles.

As mothers we aren’t paid for our work. There’s no overtime. There’s no bonuses. Mothering doesn’t stop when you are sick or not feeling well. It doesn’t have vacation days and you can’t just turn it off when you don’t feel like doing it anymore. Mothering is the hardest job, but yet the most rewarding.

When a mother is born, the first thing she comes to learn is that deep inside her is a strength like no other. Besides enduring the pains of childbirth, she will also find the strength within herself to continue even when she is beyond exhausted, and this is because the second thing she realizes she’s now equipped with is unconditional love. Both gifted to her by God, these two qualities will be used throughout the ups and down of her journey through motherhood.

So we must take time to celebrate her. Celebrate the magic within her. Celebrate the fact that her body is magical. That her love is magical. That her strength is magical.

Because in truth, being a mother is the most magical experience one can ever have.

Happy mother’s day to all my strong mama’s out there.

xx Mama with Grace xx


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