Happy Mama = Happy Baby.

They know. They know when you’re stressed out. They know when you feel like hiding from the world. They know when you are barely hanging on and making it through the day. Children are smart, and we don’t give them enough credit. I think they are so in touch with their intuition that they can sense when things don’t feel right. I wish adults were more like that, but with time and with everyday life, we somehow lose that.

I always felt like children were the best examples for how to live life. They are amazed at the smallest things. Curious about everything. They are constantly filled with wonder. Worry is never on their minds and they constantly feel grateful.

It’s as we grow older when we start to replace gratitude with entitlement and be filled with worry instead of faith.

Life has been extremely rough lately, and it’s mainly the reason why I haven’t had much time to devote to my blog, but don’t worry, I’ll keep it going because it’s important to me to write and share my journey with you all.

But I’ll be honest, working full time and parenting full time is a tough gig. I am learning that I am not super mom and super mom does not exist no matter what you think you see spread across other mom’s perfect Instagram posts.

All moms have hard days. All moms feel guilt. All moms feel like they are not enough at some point. All moms feel like they just want to run away when it becomes too much.

But guess what? It’s ok and perfectly normal. Because super mom doesn’t exist.

And if we keep trying to be super mom, we are only going to feel worse about ourselves.

I’m learning that the harder I try to be perfect and do it all, the unhappier I feel and the more I miss out on. Because when I’m too busy trying to get everything done, I get overtired and my mood tanks, my basic needs start to go unmet, and I’m just not the best version of myself for my daughter or my husband.

I’m learning that the best thing to do is to take a step back. Stop trying so hard. Stop pushing myself. Do what is possible. And the rest…..have faith.

Because once you stop feeling like you have to do it all and control everything, an opening is created and in that opening is where faith exists. It grows and grows and eventually you start to let go and stop holding on so tight. Once that happens, your load on your shoulders lightens and you feel like you can breathe again. And somehow, life seems ok again. Happy even.

And trust me, a happy mama equals a happy baby or toddler or child. They feed off you. They know when you’re feeling good opposed to feeling pressured. If you start to let go, so will they and a perfect balance and harmony will be created.

All we can really do is our best, and sometimes that means that the only thing we accomplished was loving our children well.

And I think that’s all they really want from us anyway in the end. Sure, we should be good role models for our children and show them that working hard is important, but taking care of ourselves is equally just as important.

You don’t want your children remember how stressed out and tired mama always was and how all she wanted to do was get a minute of peace and quiet.

It gives a terrible message to our children. We need to remember to take care of ourselves so that we can give the best of ourselves back to our children. And I know there are tough days and nothing is ever perfect, but all we can do is our best.

That’s all.

So mama, what can you do for yourself today? What unmet need do you have? How can you fulfill it?

Last night I came home from work and I was so incredibly tired that I didn’t even have energy to play with my little girl and I absolutely hate that but it was because I was overworked, hadn’t eaten much all day (all week really) and haven’t slept well in who knows how long.

But I did my best. I took a step back. Instead of freaking out about all that I had to get done, I put it all aside and I took my little babe and went and laid in bed. She just laughed and played with my cheek as she made cute little owl noises.

It was simple. And it was beautiful. And it made me happy. And in the end, so was my baby.


Mama with Grace


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