Hello Leap 4!

If you haven’t heard of the Wonder Weeks, and you are a new mom, get on it girl!!

If you’re wondering why your new baby is suddenly acting extremely fussy, clingy, wanting to eat a TON, and just overall confusing, then it’s probably because they are going through a mental leap.

It’s very similar to a growth spurt except it’s like a growth spurt for the brain.

During a leap, the child will experience a rapid growth of new skills, which can be both mental, like becoming more aware of their surroundings, and physical, like fine tuning their motor skills.

Because there is such an amount of rapid growth all at once, it causes the baby to feel out of sorts. They will react in a way that will feel very troublesome but you can’t blame them because, like growing pains, it can be very bothersome to them.

So my that’s where we are at right now. My daughter has just started her fourth leap. The leap of events!

Supposedly it means that she is going to start perceiving time, noticing patterns and sensations more, and getting even better at using her hands and senses.

It’s amazing watching her pick up new skills but it is also incredibly trying dealing with her fussiness and clinginess.

Each leap thus far has been pretty awful. The dramatic crying. The constant nursing. Not knowing what is the matter, especially after going through the normal routines.

But I must say, we are only in day one and I have already broken down multiple times today.

The kind of crying she is doing with this leap is not normal crying. It is literally like yelling. Yelling at the top of her lungs as if she’s screaming out her frustration on me.

And it’s not for a second or two or the kind where I can quickly calm her down with pats on the back, shushing, or bouncing. It is the kind where she continues to yell for twenty minutes at a time every hour.

And nothing will console her, that’s the most tiring part. No matter how much I bounce up and down with her on my shoulder, it does nothing. She just basically cries it out, which I am 100% against but it’s not like I am allowing her to just sit there and cry. I am holding her and she is still crying.

I can tell it’s an internal kind of frustration/growth she is going through and there is nothing I can do to help besides be there. Let her cry until she eventually stops.

But boy is it trying!!

I about pulled my own hair out today. I cried for a bit myself because I just couldn’t handle it. I for once wished someone would just come and relieve me as I just could not handle being around my daughter.

I barely had enough time today to take care of my own needs like eating or drinking water or going to the bathroom. And while I was making dinner, I literally had to yell back at her because I just could not think of anything else to do. I was frustrated. All I wanted to do was just make dinner in peace. To just stir my food in the pan without having a screaming baby next to me.

I had to put her on my shoulder and then stir with my non dominant hand, which I can tell you firsthand is a very difficult thing to do. Luckily my dinner came out fine still.

And the funny part is, when daddy comes home, she immediately quiets. As if it’s me she’s frustrated with.


I felt so guilty for yelling at her. I am not for doing that at all because my go to is always gentle parenting, however, this was testing my patience to the max today. But what can you do? We can’t be perfect parents.

Some days are harder than others. But I do my best. I guess that is what matters. And it’s not like I was mad at her, I was just frustrated that I couldn’t finish a simple fast because she would not let me and personally I hate that. I like getting things done. It’s my type A personality to blame, but I’m learning that being a type A personality and being a new mom with a very young baby does not mix. You have to learn to let things go. To let the dishes pile up. The laundry to go undone. To eat very quick, easy meals. And that sitting and holding your baby all day is pretty much the norm.

Forget all your plans and go with the flow.

Anyway, so this was day one. And it’s supposed to last five weeks. I pray to God that the entire five weeks is not like this, otherwise I might just go mental myself.

In other news…

I am desperately trying to find ways to transition to work from home as right now I can’t afford to quit my job so I have to go back to work. But I really do not want to leave my baby. I want to be there for her as she grows up, which I talked about in a previous post.

I’ve been looking into network marketing opportunities and finally found one that I really feel confident in trying and can stand behind. Apparently, if you’re good at it, you can eventually switch to working from home and matching your income.

I was always wary of these kinds of opportunities but mostly just because of the kind of products they promoted. It’s always something like protein powders or beauty products or diet drinks. Stuff I really don’t relate to as I have my own regimen of products I use that I like to stick to and I like to stick to organic nutrition, which let’s be honest, most of these MLM type nutritional products are not organically certified. No offense to anyone selling them!!!

But the product I am deciding to get behind is not a nutrition drink or protein powder, but something far more beneficial, relatable, and something that I know is very up and coming that everyone will want to get in on!

I’ll tell you more about it in my next post! So stay tuned!

Thank you for the support as always. I know I don’t say that enough, but I do mean it!


Mama with Grace

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