The Joys of Motherhood

I know I’ve written on here quite a bit about how difficult my journey into motherhood has been, but I haven’t nearly written enough about how equally, if not more so, joyful it has been.

And maybe it’s simply because the first few months are always the hardest. You don’t really have the time, energy, or emotions to think clearly.

All you are really thinking about is how to survive the day and make it to the next. Sure, there are scattered moments of pure bliss here and there – when the baby first smiles, coos, or lifts their head. But most of the time you are just trying to figure out how to survive.

BUT now that we are in the 3 month territory, things are looking up!!!

I am finally beginning to get the hang of this whole “taking care of a little human” thing.

And I am vastly enjoying it.

We have been venturing out of the house more and more these days.

Another crunchy moms outing at Barnes & nobles “storytime”, which I must say was the perfect setting for my love of literature, which I hope to pass on to my daughter.

A stroll on the paseos, though we had to stop every twenty minutes to feed little one here, was quite the enjoyable adventure.

We even headed out to our birth center for a natural medicines class, which was quite informative I must say!

Day after day, we find things to do. We meet new friends. New babies. New members of our tribe.

Ever since joining this special club of motherhood, my eyes have been opened up to a whole new world of friendships. Real ones. As I mentioned in my previous post, it is such an amazing thing to find like-minded people and everyday forth I am seeing that happen more and more.

I have recently been diving into Facebook groups. And the amount of support you can find from these wonderful people is amazing! They are complete strangers and yet the most loving and supportive people I have met. I love my mommy groups on there as I have one to every interest from cosleeping to crunchy moms to attachment parenting to vaccination groups. I learn so much from their experiences. I give my support back to moms going through the same experiences I am.

I’ve gone years without making any good friends and finally, I am finding my tribe. It makes me really happy.

But you know what else is wonderful about motherhood, it’s watching my little girl grow. Watching her explore. Watching her curiosity expand.

I love experiencing her “firsts” with her. That is the best, I tell you!

And each day she amazes me. I can see her mind working and her eyes looking around actively. She is like a sponge just soaking in the world around her and I want to make sure I am teaching her good things and being a good example.

Lately, we have these conversations where she will speak gibberish to me and I will speak back to her in English saying “yeah? Tell me more? Oh that’s wonderful!” And she will go on and on.

And her other new thing has been holding me while she sleeps (see photo above). She will literally grab on to me and not let go. Or she will place her arm on my heart and just sleep peacefully. I absolutely love it!

She is growing too fast. It feels like yesterday that I was 36 weeks and wondering if she would turn from breech position. And now she’s 3 months!!!

And this is just the beginning of a lifetime of adventures. I need to make sure I soak up every single bit because it is all very beautiful and important.

I think I am totally in love with my daughter. She has stolen my heart. And she has helped me discover a new part of myself that I did not know existed..this beautiful journey of being her mother.


Mama with grace

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