Crunchy Mama

The best feeling in the world is holding your little’s hand while they fall asleep and reassuring them that you will always be there. That feeling of security is priceless and in my opinion is the most important thing you can give to a child.

I’ve been joining a bunch of mommy groups on Facebook lately. One of the only good things about Facebook really is that they have the support groups of all kinds. It makes you feel like you really are a part of something and have found your “people”.

So I joined a few in relation to my personal beliefs on parenting and lifestyle. I joined one called Crunchy Moms, which is basically a group of moms that believe in living as holistically and purely as possible, especially with their children. This means cloth diapers, organic/clean eating, cosleeping, baby wearing, no vaccines, etc. All of which I am totally for, minus the cloth diapering simply because it would be too much for us right now.

I also joined another group for attachment parenting and another for cosleeping moms. I love the amount of support on all these groups and I’ve learned so much more than I’ve read in any books. These moms have really been through it all and reading about their experiences help so much. The other great thing is that you can talk about whatever with them, ask questions, provide your opinion, etc. it’s a wonderful resource. But what’s even greater is that I have found my people.

For the longest time, I really did not know where I would fit in. My lifestyle currently is very holistic and organic. And I get made fun of a lot for it because people think it’s too over the top. Why do I buy organic food or why do drink alkaline water or why do I not take medicine when I’m sick?? People constantly question me. But I feel like ever since I switched to living this way, I’ve never felt better.

And now I am bringing that into my parenting style. I did not know there was an actual name for it. It’s called being a “crunchy mom”!

This may be super controversial but here we go…

I believe in attachment parenting.

I believe in cosleeping.

I believe in baby wearing.

I believe in not vaccinating.

I believe in alternative medicine/homeopathic options.

I do not believe in crying it out, sleep training, or forcing independence on your child. No spanking. No yelling.

I believe in being kind and loving and soothing.

I believe in giving a child a sense of security rather than unreliability.

I believe in informed parenting.

To me, all of this seems natural.

Our babies spent 9 months attached to us in utero, so wouldn’t it be unnatural to simply stick them in a crib from day one. I know people claim it’s not safe, but there are ways to make it as safe as possible.

I believe in constantly holding my baby. Yes, it gets tiring at times, but it provides a secure feeling to her, which means the world to me. Letting her know that I am there, that I won’t leave her alone or helpless is the best thing I can do for her right now. It will show her that she’s safe and in turn, will allow her to relax and not create any unnecessary stress on her body.

Stress like that affects child development. The research says it does. Repetitive release of cortisol in the blood stream is not good for the body and when a child constantly cries to have its needs met, it is constantly releasing that hormone into their body and creating constant stress. How can that be good for that child???? To be made to be felt like they have to cry to have their needs met.

It is not spoiling. It is not encouraging independence.

It is causing the child to have attachment issues later on because later on they will either be insecure or avoidant and have trouble with any relationships they create in the future. They will either constantly feel like they are on their own and have to fend for themselves or they will feel insecure like they have to do things in order to get the love they crave.

I felt insecure growing up and it is not a happy place to be in. I still struggle with it. So I am not going to allow my daughter to feel that way.

And don’t let me get started on vaccines. Hot topic of the century.

Do the research. Inform yourself before you allow so many terrible, unnatural things be injected into your child’s body.

Vaccines do not guarantee immunity. They are damaging to the immune system if anything. They create unnecessary stress responses in the body. There are ingredients in there that are toxic to the body and should never be injected directly into the bloodstream – aluminum for one, Mercury for another, aborted human cells, animal cells, and tons of other ingredients that you would catch yourself going near if you only knew.

God created the body to be self healing. God created natural medicine. God created immunity.

So why are we destroying it with our manmade creations? Why are we constantly trying to overpower God??

If anyone seems upset by what I say, I am sorry but at the same time I am not because the truth needs to be said.

It drives me mad when I see parents so disconnected from their children. Dropping them off at this person’s house, babysitter every other night so they can go out and have fun. Feeding them junk food and sugar. Injecting them with hundreds of toxic ingredients just because the doctors tell them to. Leaving then in cribs and rooms to cry it out. Trying to teach them independence.

This is why our world is going to shit. And I never curse.

Because we are failing our children by acting this way. Children need love. Nourishment. Nurturing. Security.

They need to feel wanted. Safe.

Their brains needs to learn and be stimulated properly.

It’s no wonder so many children grow up to be rebellious, unmannered, and uncultured.

Every person that has done bad to the world was once a child, and that child was mostly likely neglected in some way to cause them to grow up like that and do that bad thing.

So it all starts there. Let’s be parents that are intentional. Let’s take the extra time to let our children know we are there for them whether it is during infancy, holding them close 24/7 so they feel safe, or when they are a toddler by not spanking or yelling at them constantly for doing wrong. Let’s educate them properly. Let’s feed them good nutrition. Let’s instill good values. Let’s give them a world of security so that one day they will grow up and add more good into the world themselves.


Mama with grace

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