Year end reflections..

2018 into 2019.

Another year gone by, I can’t believe it.

But this year I must say was one for the books. So much has happened for me this year that I feel like it wasn’t just one year but a few. God truly blessed me and answered so many of my prayers this year. So unexpectedly too.

I had been praying for marriage for a long, long time. After my first long time relationship (8 years) ended 4 years ago, I was devastated because all that time together resulted in nothing but brokenness. We weren’t meant to be anyway but at the time I thought it would result in marriage and kept my hopes up for many, many years.

But God always has bigger plans. Plans that we don’t know about and cannot foresee.

In 2015, my now husband and I got together after being best friends for so long. I never thought we would end up together, although I guess I deep down hoped that we would since we had so much in common.

And funny to say, this year he asked me to marry him. 10 years after we first met. And we also were blessed with our beautiful daughter!

How lucky could one girl be????

To think that I would be where I am now 10 years ago is simply mind blowing. I would have never thought my life would end up this way and I am so very grateful.

Sure, there are a lot of tough moments but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

I love my husband so much. I love my daughter so much. I love my life. And I thank God every day for these blessings.

I was looking at my FB memories posts this morning and last year I said that 2018 would be the year of love. I can proudly say that this last year was definitely full of love… and all shades of it!

The love of my husband.

The love that a mother finds for her daughter.

The love of family and friends.

To say that my heart is beyond full and content with how my life turned out to be is an understatement. So what is 2019 going to be about? I honestly don’t know for sure what it will bring but I do know it’s going to be a year of firsts and it’s going to be a year of deep learning. It’s going to be a year of learning to be ok with imperfection because we all eventually learn that perfect does not exist no matter how hard we may try to be and as a new mother I am learning that lesson very, very well. It will be a year of knowing that I am enough. That what I do is enough. That what I have is enough.

And if I can sum up the one thing that I want this year to really be about, I think it would have to be be gratitude. I just want to be present in every moment, especially in this year of firsts for my daughter, for me as a mother, and also for my marriage. There is nothing better and nothing of more importance than being present and gifting your time to your loved ones and really being grateful for all that you have and for all who you have in your life. That is my goal for this year.

Much love to all in the new year!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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